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This month I have made a consciencious effort to update more of the website.  My Beetle 2017 and 2018 have been updated and now starting on 2019.


Prepared the Bug for its annual service.  Bug had its service where I had a new TRW Steering Box Fitted (direct from Mexico).  Had the rear brakes and Handbrake adjusted and now it feels as sharp as a button.  Distributor Cap and Rotar Arm also needed replacing.



Took the Bug to a bodyshop to have some minor rust dealt with.  The rust that had started to bubble under the nearside windscreen was dealt with, as was some small patches on both rear wings.


2nd - I finally got round to washing the Bug, although to be honest it wasn't that dirty.  it didn't take long, around an hour to wash, rinse and dry.



I plan on purchasing one of those Engine Fire Extinguishers from either Heritage Parts or Just Kampers.  As prices rise and some parts become scarse it makes sense to protect your investment.  I think I have worked out how to fit it, but will know more once I have purchased one of these systems.



30th - I have replaced both Wing Mirrors as the previous ones I had fitted were cheap as they pitted easilly and and the pin holding the mirror to the arm left it loose and prone to moving making seeing whilst driving difficult.



26th - Heading to the Horsham Historic's Autojumble at the Ardingly Showground.  Hopefully pick up a bargain or two.

25th - Put all my tools and other bits and pieces back into the bug, changed the near side wiper blade as I noticed it wasn't wiping properly (leaving a smeary patch).

24th - Bertie has been for a service, the steering box has been replaced along with the coupler as it was worn.  Small oil leak from the near side rocker cover reported, I suspect needs a new gasket.  A job to carry out sooner rather than later.

Prepare the bug for a service at my local garage.  They will also be installing a replacement Steering box as it was reported by the MOT as having excessive play.


January 29th

Today I have been updating the website, the blog and about pages have been created.  I have also updated the pages from "My Beetle" referring to the Years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013.  I have also updated various links on the site.


January 28th

Today I have adjusted the Drivers Seat cable as it was getting difficult to pull the backrest forward to get access to the rear seat.

Tyre pressures have been checked and pumped up where necessary.

The Bug has been washed with Autoglym Shampoo, leathered down to remove the water and the SSP Car Cover put on to protect from Dust and wondering animals.


December 31st

Replaced the front bumper irons as they were showing signs of severe rust.  Snapped a bolt and had to drill out, luckilly the thread survived.  Replacement bumper irons came from Custom & Commercial.

Replaced the front fog lights with some New Old Stock Chrome versions that I picked up from ebay.


Bought some Beetle fabric (has a picture of a beetle repeated) and created custom Seat Covers.  Whilst it might not be perfect and home made, it does look better than any seat cover you can buy online or from a shop.

Fitted a new pair of wing mirrors as the old ones the mirrors had started to change colour (the glass was going brown) and was making it difficult to see what was behind you.


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