Beetle Gallery 2019

Below you will find images of my Beetle from the Year 2019

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February 2019

I hadn't used my Bug too much over the winter and now seemed like a good day to uncover it, take a few photos and then give it a good clean.

May 2019

I spent the day finishing off the final touches cleaning the Bug ready for tomorrows Car Show organised by SCS.  It was a fairly warm day which made it a little harder han normal.  Finally the bug was ready and everything was loaded.

May 2019

Today I went along to the SCS Show held at the Lavendar Line in East Sussex.  It was the first time that SCS had visited the Lavendar Line for a show (the previous month they had a breakfast meet).  The show ground is large and can easily hold 250-300 cars if needed (provided it doesn't rain).  The backdrop was the railway line, which currently is 1 mile long, they hope to get more funds to make the line longer and provide different trains and services.  The station shop is nice and there are many items to buy.  The signal box has been left as was and you can see all the levers which the signal man needed to move to get he trains on the right lines.  It was a great day out, well worth it.

May 2019

May has been a busy month and it ends with the Laughton Cuckoo Spring Fayre held on the Bank Holiday weekend.  The Laughton Spring Fayre is well supported and extremely busy, even when the weather isn't that great.  Today was the start of a warm weekend, there were a lot of classic cars on display alongside motorbikes, farm machinery, army vehicles and commercials.  It is a lovely show to visit.

May 2019

At the end of the Laughton Show you can collect a Plaque from the Organisers Office.  I thought it prudent to take a few photos to show you what they look like.  Please note that these are heavy plaques and are not some thin lightweight metal.

May 2019

After the recent Laughton Show I was down at my Caravan for the weekend.  It was a another warm day on the Bank Holiday Monday and I thought it would be a good time to take some photos.

June 2019

This month saw SCS hold their show at the Bluebell Railway, specifically at the Horsted Keynes station.  The show was staged in their carpark all the way up the hill.  The slope makes it a challenging event to park cars, thankfully the weather was nice and dry.  It was a nice show.  At one of the Autojumble stalls I managed to pickup a lovely Dinky Toys Car Transporter to go into my collection, I have since put it on display with 4 Dinky Toys VW Beetle's sitting on the trailor.

August 2019

I brought my Bug down to my Caravan this weekend as tomorrow is the SCS Show.  It was one of those days where the sun came in and out, the clouds came and went as did the gentle breeze.  I was just glad it didn't rain!

August 2019

This month saw SCS hold their home show at the Worthing Rugby Club just outside Worthing along the A259.

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