Beetle Gallery 2018

Below you will find images of my Beetle from the Year 2018

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27th January 2018

Two photos today of my bug at home after I had given it a quick wash.

February 2018

Photos from my Birthday cake which was made using a cake mould.

15th April 2018

Here are some photos from the SCS Show held at the Tangmere Aviation museum.  It is a hugely popular show where they get around 500 show cars turn up.  Check out their website for more photos of the cars.

13th May 2018

Another show for SCS held at the Bluebell Railway at their Horsted Keynes station carpark.  This is quite tricky for them to organise the show cars as it is held on the hill where there are some 1-2 foot drops meaning you cannot park cars in certain areas.  It is a nice relaxed show as you can take a ride on the train before returning to the show.  Enjoy.

18th May 2018

A handful of photos of my Bug at home.

26th May 2018

I took my Bug to the Laughton Show, held in East Sussex just outside of Lewes.  It is another hugely popular show and the May show is well attended.  Usually it is quite warm with a gentle breeze and this year was no exception.  One bonus of the show is if you show your car (just one day or the enitre show) you can hand in your pass and receive a free plaque which is different each show and year.  It is well worth attending.  I usually end up buying a few items which I need for projects etc.

10th June 2018

Another show for SCS, this time held at the Bentley Wildfowl and Motor Museum in East Sussex, not far from the Lavendar Line.  This year we were on the front lawn and had use of pretty much all the space available which was good as they managed to fill it out with all manner of classic cars.

25th June 2018

A picture of my speedometer with the lights on, I have changed the bulbs for LED's which makes them much brighter :).

21st July 2018

A handful of photos of my Bug taken at home prior to the following day SCS show.  It was another glorious hot day continuing our hot summer.

22nd July 2018

This time SCS had their show at Borde Hill Gardens.  As it was durig our heatwave this meant that is was another really hot day. the grass was scorched and so were several of the attendees.  It wasn't a day to stay in the sun for long with many people sitting in what shade they could find.  Unfortunately you don't get any autojumblers at this show, which is a shame.

19th August 2018

SCS were holding their Summer show at the Worthing Rugby Club, just outside Worthing on the A259.  This is another of their hugely popular shows and they generally get well over 100 classic cars turn up dating from around 1900 to the 2010's.  There are always a handful of autojumblers selling a wide range of accessories and memorabilia at reasonable prices.  It is a lovely show to attend and walk round all the cars.

9th September 2018

SCS were holding their last show of the year at Newhaven Fort in East Sussex.  This was what they call a "lock-in" as the Fort don't like any car movements during the day, the time they had scheduled was 10am to 4pm, although this is usually brought forward to 3pm when the awards are handed out.  It was quite a warm day for September, even if there wasn't a full house.  There were a wide range of cars on display and having the Fort as a backdrop meant you could have a walk round and enjoy all their exhibits.

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