Beetle Gallery 2017

Below you will find images of my Beetle from the Year 2017

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18th January 2017

I took the two photos of the speedometer as I had managed to reach 77,777 kilometers and I managed to time my stop whilst driving home so I could take the photo.

9th March 2017

I wanted to update the lights to a more modern look as I am not keen on the older yellow look.  I therefore purchased some white bulbs and swapped them over.


10th March 2017

16th March 2017

CSP LED Rear Lights

I finally remembered where I had stored my spare set of CSP LED Rear Lights and thought I should take a few photos of the light units.  They are a direct fit and no modifications are required.

9th April 2017

These photos were taken at the Tangmere Aviation Museum where the Southern Classics Society car club were holding their first show of the year.  It was a warm day despite a southernly wind and by the end of the day all the cars had a light covering of dust.

5th May 2017

21st May 2017

The photos below were taken at Newhaven Fort, East Sussex where SCS were hosting their second show of the year.  You get a very good turn out for a small show especially as the fort closes it entrance gates (for vehicles) between 10am and 4pm.  It was a good show, the weather was nice and the exhibits were a welcome back drop to a fine collection of Motoring heritage.

26th May 2017

When I finished work today I got a little bit of a shock, the rearview mirror had fallen off the windscreen.  Driving home was strange, you don't realise how useful something is until it is no longer there.  I need to get some glue from halfords and stick it back on.

10th June 2017

Today I spent time cleaning Bertie and doing the finishing touches prior to the next car show.

11th June 2017

SCS had a show on at Bently Wildfowl and Motor Museum.  It wasn't the best of weather, a little cold and overcast but they had a good turn out.  There was a few autojumble stalls and I managed to pickup a couple of toy models and a couple of spares.

9th July 2017

Today SCS were holding a car show at Borde Hill Gardens.  This show isn't too far away from me, only a 30 minute drive.  It was a glorious day, the sun shone, the cars were gleaming and the gardens were in full bloom.

20th August 2017

This is the jewell of the season for SCS, their home show at Worthing Rugby Club.  It was yet another glorious day weather wise, lots of cars turned up, over 150.  There was also several autojumble stalls selling a variety of parts and objects.

7th September 2017

24th September 2017

As the show season draws to an end SCS had their last show at Tangmere Aviation Museum, West Sussex.  It was a large turnout and very busy with over 200 cars on the strip.  One of the Commitee members used his electric scooter to whiz around and inform everyone when the prize giving was taking place.

That's the end of 2017, I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos from the differnet locations.  See you in 2018.

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