Beetle Gallery 2012

Below you will find images of my Beetle from the Year 2012

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17th February 2012

I managed to source and have fitted a set of CSP LED Rear light clusters.  They look great and well worth the money (around £110 at the time, but now you see them for £160 +).  They are a difrect fitment part, no extra drilling and no need to change the connector.  They certainly set the back of the Beetle off and I have kept the originals in case I need to refit them.  I also got a spare set just in case there is a problem with them.

19th February 2012

Bertie had just come back from its yearly service, even though we check everything I always prefer an expert to check everything is alright.

11th August 2012

The images below were taken at the Sussex Owners Club show which was held at the Hicksted Show Ground, having moved from Chalvington due to overcrowding.

This was the first time that I had won an award of any kind for my Bug.  I got to park my bug in the Winners enclosure with all the other winners.  It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

All the winners received dog tags and a certificate.

30th December 2012

today I gave Bertie a quick wash and dried it down, even in Winter and a dull day it still shines!

Just everything was still working ready for the return to work next week.

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