Photo Gallery

Here you will find a variety of photos of my Beetle Radio Control Car Collection. These photos are taken from various locations around the south coast, depending on where I can run them. Favourite places include Seaford, Bognor Regis and the New Forest.


I have been into radio controlled car since 1998, when I got my first real remote controlled car. It was a Tamiya Blitzer Beetle, rear wheel drive and with the classic beetle body. Since then I have collected several models including electric, nitro and petrol versions.


I have various models from Tamiya, Hot Bodies, Thunder Tiger and FG. From Tamiya (Electric models) they include the 4WD TL-01, RWD M-04L, RWD Blitzer Beetle and the FWD FF-02. From Hotbodies the 14.4v electic E-Zilla 10. From Tunder Tiger the Nitro powered DT-10, and from FG the 23cc Petrol powered Ecoline Beetle.