Photo Gallery

This photo gallery is dedicated to the ever popular Blitzer Beetle. The photo's you see here have been taken at home and on the seafront at Seaford.



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Blitzer History

Tamiya's "Blitzer Beetle" is an eye catcher at any RC meeting, with its looks and performance. The ever popular Volkswagen Beetle is customized and rides on oversized tyres, the suspension is damped by heavy duty oil-filled shocks at all corners, for the smoothest ride obtainable. ABS Bathtub type chassis, PS injection moulded bodyshell, semi off road tyres, 540 type motor and manual electronic speed controller are included. The "Blitzer Beetle" is now a rare model, and very hard to find.

Blitzer Model

The Blitzer Beetle is a rear engined rear wheel drive chassis car. Power is supplied via a 7.2v battery, through a 540 type electric motor. This semi off road beetle can tackle most objects including gravel, grass and tarmac. The party piece of this model is that like the M-04L it can perform doughnuts. I have upgraded my Blitzer beetle with an electronic speed controller, metal bearings and tough adjustable suspension to cope with the lumps and bumps of off roading.