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VW-Beetles is dedicated to the Volkswagen Beetle.

Volkswagen’s and in particular ‘Beetles’ have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. 

It all started in the 80’s with the Herbie films and from then on in I have collected Beetle memorabilia ever since and have owned two ‘Beetles’ since March 1999.

The Beetle was designed by Dr Ferdinand Porsche and produced under the orders of Adolf Hitler.  The Beetle in Germany was also known as the ‘people’s car’ or ‘KDF-Wagen’.  The Beetle is configured as ‘Rear Engine, Rear Wheel Drive’, also known as ‘RR’.  Between 1938 and 2003 over 21 million Beetles were produced, making it the most successful single bodied car design to date.


Beetle Interior

Beetle Engine

My Mexican Beetle
I have owned a Beetle since I was able to drive back in 1999. My first Beetle was a 1974 1303s. I now own a 1998 Mexican Beetle 1.6i, which I bought back in 2006. click here to read more...


M-04L RC Car
Radio Controlled Cars are a big hobby of mine, I collect and use them on a regular basis. I have collected several models over the years. Click here to read more...
My Mexican Beetle


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